The Boston Celtics are one win away from capturing the 18th NBA championship in franchise history.

Charles Barkley made a bold statement on NBA TV’s postgame coverage when he said he was glad the Dallas Mavericks won Game 4 to force Game 5 back in Boston.

“I’m glad the Mavs didn’t get swept,” Barkley said on Friday night. “I’d actually like to see the Mavs win the next game because I want to see the champion put under stress. The Celtics have not been put under stress. Now they’re under stress.”

The Celtics had won 10 straight games and suffered their first road loss of the playoffs in what could only be described as an embarrassing, lopsided Dallas victory. The game was truly out of hand at the half when the Celtics only managed 35 points on 29.7% shooting from the field and seven turnovers.

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Barkley said the game reminded him of the Dallas-Minnesota Timberwolves Western Conference finals.

“Remember when Minnesota played Dallas, and they were like, “We didn’t get swept,'” Barkley asked. “Then they went back home, and they just got beat by like a 100. This, to me, is like the Celtics were like, ‘We got this series. We gonna win it one day or another.’ But (Game 4) that was just disappointing to me because man, they didn’t even compete tonight. It was disappointing to watch.”

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Even though he still believes the Celtics will win the title, Barkley said if the Mavericks can replicate the “desperation and pace” of Game 4 on Monday night, the series will go seven games because the Celtics won’t be able to beat Dallas at home in Game 6.

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