The Patriots love Drake Maye, and so they drafted the quarterback with the No. 3 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. The New York Giants were also smitten with the North Carolina signal-caller.

There was a lot of speculation and rumors and everything in between leading into the draft that the Patriots could move that No. 3 pick if the right deal came along. It’s safe to assume there was plenty of interest in New England’s selection, and on an episode of “Hard Knocks” on Tuesday night, it became quite clear the Giants were among the teams trying to move up, presumably to draft Maye.

Tuesday night’s episode, part of the franchise’s mini-series documenting the G-Men offseason, took viewers inside the Giants’ room at the NFL combine where Maye dazzled Brian Daboll and his coaching staff. Another scene added further evidence of New York’s infatuation in Maye when general manager Joe Schoen discussed with his staff the possibility of trading up.

“I’m just gonna go down there and say ‘hey, before you do anything at three, just make sure you let us know,'” Schoen says to assistant general manager Brandon Brown, as seen in a video shared on X. “Just plant the seed that if you are going to move the pick, don’t do it without at least giving us a call. We’re interested in it. … I’ll go plant the seed.”

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Then, we get a peak behind the curtain for Schoen’s conversation with Patriots general manager Eliot Wolf.

Schoen: “Do this for me: If you guys are gonna do anything at 3, like move out at all, you don’t have to tell me your plan or anything, but if you have any inkling, just call me.
Wolf: “We’ve had a couple of teams call, and it’s kind of been this conversation. … where are you guys? Six?”
Schoen: “We’re six, yeah.”
Wolf: “Good spot.”
Schoen: “It might not be until draft day. Who knows? Just keep me in the back of your mind.”
Wolf: “Sure.”

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The Patriots, of course, stood pat and made the pick at No. 3, taking Maye. Just how close they came to trading the selection to the Giants — or anyone else — we might never actually know.

The Giants didn’t move up at all. Instead, they took LSU receiver Malik Nabers with the No. 6 pick and will at least for now give it another shot with Daniel Jones at quarterback.

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Featured image via Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports Images