A former Patriots pass-catcher is calling B.S. on a recent claim made by the greatest quarterback of all time.

Tom Brady last month made an appearance on “The Pivot Podcast” and shared his appreciation for Patrick Mahomes always “having fun” on the football field. Brady went on to lament losing that joy and becoming “too serious” in his playing days and claimed he would take on a more cheerful approach if he were to go back and play again.

Christian Fauria, who caught passes from Brady for four seasons and won two Super Bowls with the Patriots Hall of Famer, didn’t buy the take for a second.

“I think Brady is a liar,” the retired tight end said last week on WEEI’s “Gresh & Fauria,” as transcribed by SportingNews. “When I heard it, I was like, ‘Who’s he kidding? He can’t change. He can’t downshift. This is not who he is. He’s not wired like Mahomes.'”

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Fauria probably is right. Part of what separated Brady from the pack in his legendary career was his maniacal preparation and killer attitude in games. The signal-caller’s environment might have shaped those traits, though, as Bill Belichick set a standard of excellence in New England.

Ultimately, Brady shouldn’t have any regrets about his career. He accomplished more than anyone in the sport and eventually will be recognized for those efforts in Canton, Ohio.

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Featured image via New England Patriots