Pro Gambler Dave Oancea Claims He Won $240K Betting On Holly Holm


Before UFC 193 took place, many believed it would be crazy to bet against Ronda Rousey. One risk-taker thought otherwise.

Dave Oancea, also known as “Vegas Dave,” knew going into the fight he would be against Rousey. In his words, he knew Rousey would eventually lose.

In the week leading up to the fight, “Vegas Dave” told why he was placing the bet.

“I’ll put $10,000 on her every time against her and just keep doubling up because eventually she’s (Rousey) going to lose — that’s my philosophy,” he said. “It just takes one lucky punch. I’ll put $10,000 on her if they let me do it. I’ve got balls.”

Holm apparently put down $20,000.

Recent reports have surfaced claiming “Vegas Dave” created the fake winning ticket, but he claimed it’s legit.

But Bleacher Report’s Jeremy Botter investigated the situation and said the ticket was indeed a fraud.

The investigation is ongoing, and if the ticket is proven to be fake, the majority will still stand tall on not wanting to bet against Ronda Rousey, despite her loss.

UPDATE (4:23 p.m. ET): Botter reached the marketing director for the company and confirmed that the bet was indeed placed on Thursday for $20,000. It was not a fraud.

Thumbnail photo via Matt Roberts/USA TODAY Sports Images

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