Supreme Court Lifts Sports Betting Ban: Sports Leagues React To Ruling


Sports leagues are speaking out now that the games apparently have changed in the United States.

The four major U.S. pro sports leagues plus the NCAA, NASCAR and IndyCar were among the athletic organizations that reacted to the to the U.S. Supreme Court’s lifting of the federal ban on sports gambling. Monday’s historic ruling paves the way for states to allow legalized gambling on sports, and the public is keen to learn what effect increased betting will have on their favorite sports. Most of the leagues stressed business will continue as usual and they’ll keep an eye out for future changes.

The NFL in its statement called on Congress to create a national framework for legalized sports gambling.

The NBA issued a similar demand for Congressional direction.

Like the NFL and NBA, Major League Baseball stressed its intention to protect the integrity of its competition amid potentially widespread sports gambling.

The NHL recognizes the Supreme Court’s ruling might change the landscape of sports in this country.

NASCAR reiterated the “continue to monitor” approach to the court’s decision.

The NCAA will adjust its gambling policies to reflect the new legal framework.

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