NFL Odds: These Teams Are Best Bets To Finish With Worst Record In 2020

Oddsmakers think these teams are in for a rough 2020

by Mike Cole

August 27, 2020

The term “any given Sunday” exists for a reason, and we know that technically anyone can beat anybody in the NFL.

But we also know there are some pretty terrible teams.

The 2020 season is fast approaching — two weeks from Thursday, actually — and assuming everyone can stay relatively healthy, we’re gonna have a full campaign.

For some teams, like the Kansas City Chiefs trying to build a dynasty, that’s a good thing. Others, however, have a much bleaker outlook on 2020.

Here are the teams with the odds to have worst season in the NFL.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+250 to have worst record; win total: 4.5)
Get this: The Jaguars are rebuilding again. It’s looking like another lost year in Jacksonville, and with Trevor Lawrence headlining an impressive 2021 QB draft class, maybe it’s worth leaning into the suck. Additionally, Yannick Ngakoue — who might be the Jags’ best player — is unhappy, wants out and seems willing to sit out the entire season if he doesn’t get his way. So, that’s not really good. There are some 2019 Dolphins vibes here, but then again, the Dolphins ended up outplaying expectations.

Washington Football Team (+600 worst record, win total: 5)
On the field, you can actually see a promising future, especially if you believe in Dwayne Haskins at quarterback. Drafting Chase Young was a no-brainer, but one that should immediately improve an already solid defense. Maybe Haskins is the guy, maybe he isn’t. Case Keenum lingers, and Alex Smith improbably has rejoined the quarterback room. Terry McLaurin is a darn-good wideout. But Washington just doesn’t have enough talent across its roster. And then there’s the off-field tire fire. The team doesn’t have a dang name. Daniel Snyder is widely considered the worst owner in sports, and there are reports seemingly every day that only reinforce that notion. It must be hard to get excited about much with that team in 2020 — and that was before first-year head coach Ron Rivera revealed his cancer diagnosis. Maybe they’re on the right path long term with the football stuff, but the short-term outlook remains grim.

Carolina Panthers (+700 worst record, win total: 5.5)
If Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t look like the Teddy Bridgewater who helped keep the Saints afloat last year, things could get ugly in Carolina. Rookie head coach Matt Rhule is in a tough spot. He’s trying to build a culture in Charlotte, but he’s had limited time to do so due to the pandemic. That division just got tougher, too, with the addition of that Tom Brady guy in Tampa Bay.

Cincinnati Bengals (+700 worst record, win total: 5.5)
Peyton Manning was considered a generational prospect when the Colts drafted him with the first pick in 1998. Indy went 3-13, and Manning threw 28 interceptions. It’s unlikely Joe Burrow has numbers that bad, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Cincy struggle in his rookie season, considering the Bengals have struggled in a lot of seasons, including last year when they went 2-14. It’s still a work in progress. Burrow alone should improve their performance, but if he struggles or goes down, they’re right back to where they were last year.

Thumbnail photo via Douglas DeFelice/USA TODAY Sports Images

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