Make Your Giants-WFT Picks In NESN Games’ ‘Thursday Night NFL Challenge’

This one figures to be a low-scoring game


September 16, 2021

The 2021 NFL season is in full swing, and so too is NESN Games’ weekly NFL challenge.

The Washington Football Team will play host to the New York Giants on Thursday, kicking off Week 2 with a battle between two NFC East teams that both lost their openers.

The “Thursday Night NFL Challenge” features eight total picks, ranging from the game’s spread to individual player props. Participants will be competing for a $25 Amazon gift card, which can be claimed with a perfect score. In the event there are multiple perfect scores, the winner will be decided via the tie-breaker pick: the total combined points between both teams.

Now, we’re here to offer some insight on each of the eight picks.

Let’s get to it.

Spread: Washington -3.5
Losing Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to hurt WFT, so we’re worried about it covering. However, neither team had much life on offense in Week 1, and the Football Team’s defense is stellar. For that reason, we’ll hold our breath and pick them to cover.

Over/Under: 40.5
Again, both of these offenses are not great, and WFT has an elite defense. This seems like it will be a low-scoring affair.

Daniel Jones passing yards: over/under 226.5
This is just a hunch, but we’ll take the over here because 227-plus seems like an attainable number for Jones. He’s going to have his work cut out for him dodging WFT’s front, however.

Taylor Heinicke passing yards: over/under 265.5
You’ve got to go with the under here. Heinicke is a fine enough backup, but he’s only thrown for over 137 yards once in his career, and it was for 274.

Sterling Shepard receiving yards: over/under 52.5
This is a tough one, but we say Over. The Football Team doesn’t have many holes on defense, but they probably will devote a good bit of attention to Kenny Golladay. Not having to worry about Evan Engram makes things easier, but we could see Shepard ripping off a couple of chunk catches.

NESN Games: Pick & Win

Terry McLaurin receiving yards: over/under 72.5
McLaurin is one of the top receivers in the game. With a number like 72.5, you always should be hammering the Over until he goes through steep regression, which doesn’t seem like it will be anytime soon.

First scoring play: Touchdown (-200), Field Goal (+165), Other (+5000)
Take the field goal. Feels like there will be many of those.

Highest scoring quarter:
We’ll say fourth quarter because that’s when things tend to get sloppiest in these Monday night games.

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