Former Champ Mike Tyson Punches Man In The Face On Plane


April 21

Former boxer Mike Tyson was seen on video Wednesday night punching a man in the face during a flight, per TMZ.

The tweet also states that the man had been “annoying” Tyson prior to the altercation and the clip from TMZ shows the passenger interacting with Tyson on numerous occasions.

TMZ has also since updated the article by adding, “Sources close to Mike claim the man was extremely intoxicated and wouldn’t stop provoking the boxer in his seat.”

The video later shows cuts on the passenger’s forehead following the altercation as the individual filming, who seems to be friends with the passenger, says they were “just trying to ask for an autograph” from the boxer.

There has been no comment from JetBlue, the airline where the altercation took place. Both the police and Tyson himself are also yet to comment. It is unknown whether the passenger will press charges against Tyson.

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