World Series Odds: Great Payout On Dodgers-Guardians Exact Matchup

28-1 gets me all tingly inside


October 5

Are you ready to bet the 2022 World Series?

If you haven’t made an investment yet, there’s still time before the MLB playoffs begin Thursday. I placed a 5-1 futures bet on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the whole enchilada back in March — bold, huh? — and the Boys in Blue are consensus favorites to hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy at around 3-1. But the outright market is just one of many ways to bet this year’s Fall Classic.

American sportsbooks have gotten much more creative when it comes to how you can wager on professional sports championships. For example, BetMGM is currently taking bets on baseball’s championship team, league of the winning team, division of the winning team and state of the winning team to go along with newer markets on finalists and the exact outcome.

The World Series finalists market is fascinating because it allows you to key a team with any opponent from the other league. As mentioned above, you can bet the Dodgers at 3-1 to win it all or you can essentially put them in an exacta box with the Houston Astros (+425), New York Yankees (+500), Toronto Blue Jays (+1400), Seattle Mariners (+2500), Tampa Bay Rays (+2700) or Cleveland Guardians (+2800).

World Series finalists odds via BetMGM:
Dodgers-Astros +425 ($100 wins $425)
Dodgers-Yankees +500
Astros-Braves +650
Yankees-Braves +800
Astros-Mets +900
Yankees-Mets +1100
Dodgers-Blue Jays +1400
Astros-Cardinals +2200
Braves-Blue Jays +2200
Dodgers-Mariners +2500
Dodgers-Rays +2700
Dodgers-Guardians +2800 ($100 wins $2,800)

Interesting, right?

I can’t believe the price on a potential Dodgers-Guardians showdown. Cleveland won the American League Central to earn a best-of-three Wild Card series with all three games at Progressive Field. If the Guardians eliminate the Rays as decently sized favorites, they’ll advance to the next round against the Yankees, who will be coming off five days of rest. Not exactly ideal for New York if you think about it.

There’s no way Cleveland should have longer odds than Toronto, Seattle and Tampa Bay.

“The Guardians fascinate me,” longtime Las Vegas oddsmaker Dave Sharapan told NESN’s Chicken Dinner. “The Guardians don’t hit home runs. They don’t rely on the home run to score runs, which is exactly what October baseball is about. If they get past Tampa Bay, they get the Yankees. If they get past the Yankees, which I think they’re live to do, now we’ve got them in the ALCS and we’ve got a shot.

“I think (the No. 3 seeds) are more live than they’ve been in years past.”

Let’s take a flier on Los Angeles and Cleveland meeting for all the marbles.

Dodgers-Guardians World Series +2800

RECORD: (118-124, +21.7)

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