Here’s Alternative Method To Bet On Bruins To Win Stanley Cup

The trouble will be picking a Western Conference opponent


Mar 23, 2023

The Bruins have been the favorite to win the Stanley Cup for most of the 2022-23 NHL season, and if you didn’t bet on Boston before the season, you’ve lost out on a lot of value. But there still is a way to get a sizable payout from the B’s winning the title this season.

The Black and Gold are on pace to win the Presidents’ Trophy, but the goal is to win the franchise’s seventh Stanley Cup.

The Bruins have +380 odds to win the title at FanDuel Sportsbook. A $100 bet would pay out $480, but you’re buying high on a team whose odds aren’t going to get much worse considering how deep the roster is.

However, there is some value in throwing in a wager in the forecast market. This means predicting the two teams that will make the Stanley Cup final.

For Bruins fans, that means you are betting Boston to face a specific Western Conference opponent. That’s a difficult task considering how close the standings are in the Central and Pacific Divisions. But it does result in a larger payout than a straight futures bet.

But it is wise to steer clear of the exact forecast market.

“The exact forecast market in the Stanley Cup playoffs is one of the toughest in the world to beat,” NESN betting analyst Sam Panayotovich said. “It’s tough enough to pick just one team to make the final, let alone pick the final two and the end result. That’s why the books are dangling prices like 19-1 on B’s over Colorado Avalanche and 31-1 on B’s over Stars. 

“Imagine you pick Boston to defeat Dallas, then Dallas bounces Boston. You’ll never forgive yourself. 

“I think it’s best if you bet the ‘exact matchup’ market instead. Sure, you’ll take a little haircut on the payout, but you increase your likelihood of victory. A $100 bet on the Bruins and Avalanche meeting in the Stanley Cup Final pays at 11-1 — and you don’t have to sweat the result.”

As Panayotovich points out, you want to minimize as much risk as possible, so don’t feel like you have to be an expert and pick the Bruins to beat a specific opponent. All you should do is pick Boston to face a specific opponent and enjoy the seven-game series from there.

Here are the exact matchups FanDuel Sportsboook has for the Bruins — teams listed would make the Stanley Cup playoffs if the season ended Thursday:

Colorado Avalanche: +1100
Edmonton Oilers: +1600
Vegas Golden Knights: +1700
Dallas Stars: +2000
Los Angeles Kings: +2800
Minnesota Wild: +3000
Winnipeg Jets: +3900
Seattle Kraken: +4200

Again, choosing the right matchup is key, but if you want to net a larger payout on the Bruins making a deep run in the postseason, this is something to consider rather than hitting a straight bet on a simple futures bet.

Thumbnail photo via Timothy T. Ludwig/USA TODAY Sports Images

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