LeBron James: Buy or Sell LBJ to Remain a Laker


May 28, 2023

The conversation in the NBA surrounding LeBron James‘s future with the Los Angeles Lakers is nothing short of riveting. Will LeBron be playing for the Lakers next season? My money’s on ‘buy.’ Despite rumors of retirement swirling, I’m betting on the King donning the purple and gold for at least one more round.

Let’s get one thing straight: the mere suggestion of James retiring is headline material. If LeBron hangs up his sneakers, it will undeniably become one of the most monumental sports stories in recent memory. Yet even amidst the uncertainty, LeBron continues to reign supreme. He’s not just the most popular player in the NBA; he’s also indisputably one of the top ten basketball players of all time.

This season, the man showed up and showed out, delivering breathtaking performances that included 40-point games, double-digit rebounds, and near-double-digit assists. Granted, by his otherworldly standards, the WCF might not have been his best series. But viewed through the lens of a mere mortal, LeBron’s performance was nothing short of awe-inspiring, even in the face of Denver’s dominant sweep.

The Lakers and LeBron James: it’s a partnership that will continue. Sure, there might be inklings of retirement on LeBron’s mind, possibly fueled by frustration and the trials of the season. But it’s essential to separate the heat of the moment from long-term intentions.

One can’t ignore LeBron’s potential to pressure the Lakers’ front office. James’s influence runs deep, and he’s no stranger to leveraging that power to facilitate organizational changes. Will this happen? Only time will tell.

It’s crucial to note that LeBron’s pending foot surgery for a torn tendon may keep him on the sidelines till Christmas next season. Despite this setback, my bet’s still on him returning to the court, ready to weave his magic for LA once more.

LeBron James and the Lakers seem destined to continue their shared journey. No matter the rumors, the whispers, or potential bumps in the road, LeBron’s legacy with LA is far from over.

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Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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