NFL Reportedly Uses Tom Brady In Video About Gambling Policies

The league appears to be taking more measures on gambling


Jun 8, 2023

The NFL has seen multiple players violate the league’s gambling policies, and it appears it is taking larger measures to get its message across.

The league suspended five players in April, including Detroit Lions wide receiver Jameson Williams, for violations of the NFL’s gambling policy. Isaiah Rodgers Sr. reportedly is under investigation for a possible violation of the league’s gambling policy. The Indianapolis Colts cornerback took accountability for what the report described as “pervasive betting.” These violations come a year after Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended a year for gambling.

The gambling policy does allow players to bet on non-NFL games, but they must do so outside of the team facility. Kyle Dugger revealed Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots staff made this rule very clear to the team.

The NFL enlisted Tom Brady to tape a video warning players against betting, according to 9News’ Mike Klis.

“In his video message, Brady … talks about his love of football and how the opportunity to play in the NFL was a privilege of a lifetime,” Klis wrote Thursday. “He then says betting on NFL games hurts the integrity of the league and the reputation of everyone on your team and it?s just not worth it.

“Brady concludes his message by imploring players to do the right thing and follow the league’s guidelines on gambling … to help the NFL continue to be the greatest league in the world.”

It’s an interesting move to have the recently retired quarterback seemingly be the face of the NFL’s anti-gambling approach. The league has received ad money from sportsbooks, so it does appear it is trying to be proactive in making sure allegations of match-fixing are not brought up if players are gambling. The last thing the NFL wants is a high-profile player to get caught breaking the gambling policy, and it’s possible Brady’s influence can help in preventing that.

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