Minnesota Timberwolves Futures: Can Minny Get Over the Hump?


Jul 21, 2023

The Minnesota Timberwolves enter this NBA season carrying a considerable weight of expectations. With a projected win total of 43.5 games, up from their performance last season, the pressure is on to prove they can elevate their game and secure a playoff berth.

One of the defining factors for their season will be the continued evolution of Anthony Edwards. This young talent has the potential to break into the NBA’s top 10 players this year. His natural ability is undeniable, but his impressive defensive prowess stood out last season. Edwards demonstrated his capabilities by blocking shots, rebounding, and defending in the playoffs, offering a tantalizing glimpse of his future potential.

In addition to Edwards, the Timberwolves possess a roster filled with promising talent. One such player is Kyle Anderson, fondly referred to as “Slow Mo.” His versatile skill set and steady presence could prove instrumental in propelling the team to the next level.

However, the test for the Timberwolves won’t be based solely on players’ individual talents like Edwards or Anderson. Instead, it’ll hinge on the team’s maturity. Are they ready to take that next step, to consistently bring energy during back-to-back games or during three-game stretches in four nights? Can they close out games, get crucial stops, and secure those hard-fought wins?

The Timberwolves are teetering on the edge of a potential breakthrough season. The talent is there, the ambition is clear, and the future looks bright. Now it’s time for them to prove they have the maturity and grit to make it happen.

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Thumbnail photo via Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

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