Denver Broncos: A New Dawn in the NFL


Aug 6, 2023

The Improved Offense: Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy

It’s crucial to acknowledge the preparation lapses in the Denver Broncos offense last year, mainly due to uncatchable balls from Russell Wilson and drops from Jerry Jeudy. This situation resulted in an unsettling catch rate of only 52% on 100 targets. However, this year promises a renewed and better-prepared Broncos offensive line. The anticipated favorite will likely be Jerry Jeudy, who, despite the poor offense last year, managed to accumulate 979 yards.

Although not a mere sideline character, Courtland Sutton is not expected to be the leading wide receiver this season. Instead, Jeudy, with his performance in the previous season in mind, has a potential ceiling of around 1,100 yards. His six touchdowns from last year could also see an increase, potentially to eight or nine if the breaks go their way.

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The Defense and Shootouts

The Broncos’ defense, already decent, boasts some solid players. A significant point of consideration will be the number of shootouts they might get into with division rivals like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers. If the answer contradicts the affirmative, we could see Jerry Jeudy having some standout games.

Betting on the Broncos: A Worthy Risk?

If you’re an NFL bettor or a fantasy league participant, two names should be on your radar: Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy. These two seem primed to be the focal points of their offense in the run-and-pass game, and they are players you would want to have on your side. It’s always about the discount, and these two are currently underestimated, which could pay dividends.

Drafting Jerry Jeudy as a wide receiver, too, might result in him finishing as the 12th or 13th overall. But if you drafted him as the 20th, that’s how you create a relative position value advantage and win leagues.

So if you’re considering betting on the NFL this year, the Denver Broncos, especially with their improved offense, are a team worth considering. While the past year had its shortcomings, the upcoming season holds promise, especially for the likes of Russell Wilson and Jerry Jeudy.

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