NFL DPOY Betting Insights: Money Micah Parsons Dominating Handle


Aug 22, 2023

As the NFL season draws closer and closer, fans and bettors alike have their eyes set on the race for the Defensive Player of the Year award. With a slew of emerging stars, the competition is shaping up to be as fierce as ever. Based on the latest odds and betting data, several players have caught the attention of the betting community.

Defensive Player of the Year Insights

  • Highest Ticket%: Aidan Hutchinson 17.1%
  • Highest Handle%: Micah Parsons 34.7%
  • Biggest Liability: Aidan Hutchinson
  • Odds Leader: Micah Parsons +450

Aidan Hutchinson entered the season with opening odds of +2800 but has since seen them drop to +2000 as he continues to see public interest. The Detroit Lions emerging star leads the pack with 17.1% of tickets and 13.4% of the handle. Hutchinson’s dominance on the defensive line should be a force to be reckoned with and has been reflected in his betting numbers.

Following close behind, Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons has seen his opening odds of +650 cut down to +450, thanks to a ton of money coming his way. Parsons has managed to capture a significant portion of the betting market, with 13.2% of tickets and a staggering 34.7% of the handle, to lead all competitors. His consistent play and ability to disrupt opposing offenses make him a strong contender in this race.

Myles Garrett, a long-time fierce presence for the Cleveland Browns, is another player who should have a solid season. Garrett has seen his odds shorten slightly from +700 to +600. Despite his impact on the field, Garrett has only garnered 7.7% of tickets and 8.1% of the handle. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see if his betting numbers increase.

T.J. Watt, who will be causing havoc for the Pittsburgh Steelers all year, entered the season with odds of +750, and they have remained steady at that mark. Watt has captured 6.7% of tickets and 8.0% of the handle. His career performances have been solid, and his betting numbers reflect that, as he should be among the top players for the award come season’s end.

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones, with odds that have moved from +3000 to +2000, has grabbed 5.6% of tickets and 5.3% of the handle. His presence on the defensive line is impactful and has earned him a spot in the conversation for the award.

Nick Bosa, the talented defensive end of the San Francisco 49ers, initially opening at +1100, has seen his odds move to +1200. The move could partially be due to his holdout from the team entering its fifth week. Bosa’s numbers stand at 3.6% for tickets and 2.6% for handle. Despite a slight increase in his odds, last year’s winner is still a player to watch in the race to repeat for the award.

Lastly, New York Jets standout Ahmad Gardner, who opened at +1100, has also seen his odds increase to +1200. He has managed to capture 2.5% of tickets and 2.0% of the handle. Sauce will be a key player on defense for the New York Jets and is a legit contender in this race.

As the season unfolds, it will be fascinating to see how the betting numbers change and which player ultimately emerges as the favorite for the Defensive Player of the Year award. The competition is tight, and it’s anyone’s game. Keep an eye on these players and the betting markets for the latest insights into the race for the prestigious award.

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