Houston Texans Upset Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 3


Sep 25, 2023

In a surprising turn of events, the Jacksonville Jaguars, an 8.5-point favorite, didn’t just fall short but were handed a 20-point loss by the Houston Texans. As the football community is aware, every game in the NFL is unpredictable. But this? It’s a bit more than a curveball.

The Houston Texans not only achieved their first win of the season but also celebrated rookie quarterback CJ Stroud’s first-ever NFL victory. And what a commanding win it was, with a final score of 37-17. Those who had props on Stroud reaped the rewards, as he exceeded expectations both in passing totals and with his touchdown pass tally, surpassing the estimated 1.5. With an impressive passer rating of 118, Stroud is showing that he’s more than ready to play at this level.

It’s not just Stroud who deserves a nod. The Texans’ offense, which has already been electric in its first few weeks, saw a shining performance from wide receiver Tank Dell. Recording five catches for 145 yards and scoring a touchdown, Dell was instrumental in the Texan’s victory.

Now, to the Jacksonville Jaguars. When analyzing the AFC South at the beginning of the season, many would agree that the Jaguars, talent-wise, stood above the rest. This is why their start to the season is nothing short of baffling. Under the guidance of head coach Doug Pederson, expectations were that this team would tap into its potential and dominate. At 1-2 for the season, their offense, particularly in the last two matches, has looked lackluster. They narrowly escaped a defeat against the Indianapolis Colts on opening day, adding to the overall sense of disappointment surrounding the team. Many had picked them to top the division, and there’s plenty of football left, but they need to step it up soon.

While there’s still a long road ahead in this NFL season, it’s crucial to recognize and learn from these early games. The Jaguars will need to reflect on their strategy, tapping into their wealth of talent to turn things around. On the other hand, the Texans, with their fresh start and spirited rookie quarterback, show that every game day brings a world of possibilities.

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