Mahomes Money Moves: Chiefs' $210M Decision Analyzed


Sep 20, 2023

The Kansas City Chiefs restructured the contract of their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Over the next four years, from 2023 to 2026, Mahomes is set to receive a whopping sum of more than $210.6 million.

So, why did the Chiefs decide to take this step now?

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The Chiefs and Mahomes’s agents, Chris Cabott and Lee Steinberg, had been in discussions for a while. The revision wasn’t something that emerged out of the blue. Delving into the specifics of the contract, one can observe that the cash flow for Mahomes over the upcoming four years is significantly elevated compared to its previous structure. Earlier, his base salaries were considerably low, and much of his earnings were tethered to roster bonuses. With this restructuring, the Chiefs have now amplified the cash flow, even surpassing the likes of Joe Burrow’s contract.

While Burrow’s deal is undoubtedly impressive, it’s clear the Chiefs have decided to invest wholeheartedly in Mahomes. Their faith in him is evident, especially considering the skepticism surrounding him during the 2017 NFL Draft. Many did not envision Mahomes’s style, rooted in the Texas Tech offense, fitting seamlessly into the NFL. Yet, while many teams were skeptical, the Seattle Seahawks and Chiefs had their eyes on him. They were inclined to draft him and saw the potential that others missed.

The Chiefs deserve applause. Not only did they trade up for Mahomes, but they believed in his potential when most of the league was doubtful. Andy Reid and Brett Veach emerge as the heroes of this tale. Veach, the General Manager, championed Mahomes’s cause, sharing his scouting insights with Reid. Their collective faith in him was not misplaced, and the results speak for themselves.

The Chiefs, specifically the Hunt family, especially owner Clark Hunt, have cared for their prized player. They recognized his immense contributions and ensured his financial security. It’s worth noting that the original contract was skewed more in the team’s favor. Yet, the Chiefs deliberately moved this cash over a concentrated four-year period, signaling their trust and investment in Mahomes.

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Thumbnail photo via Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

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