Dodgers Drama: Is LA Brass Throwing Dave Roberts Under the Bus on Ohtani Comments?


Dec 6, 2023

The Los Angeles Dodgers and their pursuit of Shohei Ohtani have become a hot topic in the MLB world, with manager Dave Roberts inadvertently stirring the pot. Roberts’ casual revelation about meeting with Ohtani has sparked a flurry of reactions, suggesting that such openness might affect the Dodgers’ chances of signing the two-way star. However, this concern seems overblown. The idea that Ohtani would turn down a potential $600 million offer from the Dodgers over this seems far-fetched.

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The process of courting a player of Ohtani’s caliber is usually shrouded in secrecy, with teams often reluctant to divulge details. However, Roberts’ admission was hardly a breach of protocol. It was a simple acknowledgment of a meeting, something not uncommon in the world of professional sports negotiations.

The reaction to Roberts’ comments highlights the scrutiny he faces from both the media and Dodger fans. This scrutiny is amplified when compared to similar statements by other managers, like the Toronto Blue Jays’ John Schneider, who openly expressed excitement about being in the mix for Ohtani without facing similar backlash.

The underlying issue seems to be the Dodgers’ admission of prioritizing Ohtani, a move some see as a sign of desperation. In the high-stakes world of MLB free agency, teams like the Dodgers are often expected to play it cool, avoiding any suggestion of eagerness to avoid giving the player an upper hand in negotiations.

Amidst this drama, the actual sensitivity lies in focusing on medical reports and other confidential aspects of the negotiation process. Teams are understandably cautious about discussing the specifics of such high-value deals, especially concerning factors like a player’s health and post-surgery recovery.

Roberts’ comments about meeting Ohtani are a small part of a larger, complex negotiation process. The Dodgers’ interest in Ohtani is clear. Still, the outcome of these negotiations will truly speak volumes, not the minor details shared in passing by a manager facing the relentless scrutiny of the baseball world.

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