Eagles’ Offensive Evolution: 2022 vs. 2023 Breakdown


Dec 1, 2023

When delving into the offensive prowess of the Philadelphia Eagles, a cursory glance at the statistics from 2022 to 2023 might lead one to believe that not much has changed. In both years, the Eagles’ offense ranked impressively within the NFL top ten for yards per play and showed marginal differences in success rate in EPA per play – a mere 1/10 of a decimal point difference.

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However, a deeper dive reveals a stark contrast between the two seasons. The 2022 Eagles excelled in the first half of games, leveraging their dynamic offense to establish early leads. This strategy let them ease off in the second half, perhaps skewing the full-game statistics.

Focusing solely on first-half performances, the difference becomes apparent. In 2022, the Eagles were ranked No. 2 in EPA per play in the first half, with a notable +0.15 yards. Contrast this with 2023, where they slid to No. 11 at +0.03. The drop in yards per play is even more pronounced – from No. 2 at 6.4 yards in 2022 to No. 22 at 4.9 yards in 2023.

Another critical metric – the explosive play rate – highlights this decline. In 2022, the Eagles led the NFL with a 50% rate of completions, gaining 10+ yards. That rate plummeted to 36% this year, ranking them 26th in the league.

This shift in offensive dynamics has had a tangible impact on game outcomes. Unlike the previous season, where the Eagles commonly led at halftime, in 2023, they often find themselves trailing. Last year, they averaged a lead at halftime, even considering games without star player Jalen Hurts. This year, that edge has vanished.

These statistics paint a concerning picture as the Eagles face the San Francisco 49ers. The once-dynamic Philadelphia offense now struggles to build early leads, potentially hampering their performance in upcoming games. The Eagles’ decreased first-half effectiveness could be critical against solid teams like the 49ers. Bettors might want to consider this when evaluating odds and making predictions.

Overall, while the 2023 Eagles offense remains above average, it’s evident that they have lost a step from their explosive 2022 performance. How they adapt to these challenges will be crucial in their quest for success this season.

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