Remaining MLB Free Agents: Bellinger, Snell and Chapman Still Unsigned


Jan 26, 2024

As the MLB offseason progresses, the free agent market still holds some significant names, leading to intriguing speculations and discussions. Notably, Cody Bellinger, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, and Matt Chapman – continue to make headlines due to their yet unresolved free agency status.

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Cody Bellinger, a former league MVP, stands out as a particularly surprising name still on the market. Despite his high strikeout rate, akin to players like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, Bellinger’s talent and potential make him a coveted asset. However, his high demands, presumably influenced by agent Scott Boras, might be creating a stalemate. The expectation for a contract that reflects his status as one of the best left-handed power hitters could be a significant factor in the delay.

Blake Snell, another high-profile player, seems to have had a more focused market, with the New York Yankees showing interest. However, a deal has yet to materialize. The situation with Snell underscores the current market dynamics where negotiations and arbitration have increasingly favored teams, impacting the bargaining power of even established players.

Jordan Montgomery and Matt Chapman are also noteworthy players who remain unsigned. Their situations reflect a broader trend in baseball free agency, where negotiations can often be prolonged and complex.

The current state of MLB transactions, with high-profile players like Bellinger and Snell still unsigned, points to a more significant issue within baseball – the spread-out nature of the offseason dealings. The excitement generated by signings like Shohei Ohtani and other major moves by teams like the LA Dodgers suggests that condensing transactional activities into a shorter, more intense period could significantly boost baseball’s visibility and fan engagement. This approach, however, seems to be at odds with the current, more drawn-out negotiation process.

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The ongoing free agency of notable players like Cody Bellinger, Blake Snell, Jordan Montgomery, and Matt Chapman highlights the complexities of MLB’s free agency market. Their eventual signings will be pivotal, not only for their careers but also for the teams that secure their talents, potentially impacting the balance of power in the upcoming MLB season.

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