Carlos Gomez, Brandon League Among Players That Could Help Seal Fantasy Success (Video)

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Ryan Ludwick Could Be Option for Melky Cabrera Fantasy Owners (Video)

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Hanley Ramirez’s Fantasy Value Should Soar, While Phillies Pitchers Could Be in Trouble (Video)

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Dustin Pedroia, Cliff Lee, Ian Kennedy, Mark Teixeira, Mike Napoli Should Heat Up After Break (Video)

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Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jed Lowrie Among First-Half Fantasy Surprises (Video)

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Freddie Freeman, Marco Scutaro Great Additions for Fantasy Baseball Owners (Video)

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R.A Dickey Continues to Impress Fantasy Owners, Paul Goldschmidt Good Waiver Wire Option (Video)

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Troy Tulowitzki, Roy Oswalt Interesting Plays for Fantasy Baseball Teams (Video)

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Matt Light Encouraging Kids to ‘Be Real,’ Plans to Do Plenty of Gardening in Retirement (Video)

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