‘The Hall of Nearly Great’ Wrestles With Difficulty of Recognizing Players That Cooperstown Won’t (Podcast)


'The Hall of Nearly Great' Wrestles With Difficulty of Recognizing Players That Cooperstown Won't (Podcast)Everyone has a favorite baseball player. Problem is, that favorite player isn’t always going to end up in Cooperstown.

That’s where The Hall of Nearly Great comes in. While it’s not an offical building, or a recognized club by any baseball authority, it is a collection of essays by a group of 42 authors writing about the players that the Baseball Hall of Fame may not have room for, but their hearts do.

The e-book, which is on sale now, offers fans a chance to re-live the careers of some of the game’s most beloved players, including the likes of Bret Saberhagen, Ellis Burks and many more viewed through the eyes of an impressive list of writers.

Marc Normandin, one of the book’s editors and authors, joined the NESN.com podcast with Dan Duquette to discuss the book’s strange origins, how a change of scenery has benefited Kevin Youkilis, whether Youk might be a candidate for his own Hall of Nearly Greatness some day and much more.

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