We all know why Pete Rose was banned from Major League Baseball for life.

The all-time hit king’s love of gambling eventually got in the way, and the former member of the Cincinnati Reds’ greatest teams was banished. He has “apologized” for that over the years, and now he’s apologizing for another pretty grave transgression: shooting President John F. Kennedy.

On Sunday, a Reddit user shared a baseball signed by Rose, which also featured the message “I’m sorry I shot J.F.K.”

Pete Rose autograph

Anyone who knows anything about the autograph game knows there aren’t many signings Rose will turn down, especially if the price is right. So with the market saturated, maybe this is Rose’s new thing. After all, he did (or didn’t, depending on who you ask) sign a ball for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump with Trump’s “Make America Great” catchphrase scribbled on the ball.

H/t to SB Nation

Photo via Reddit/Imgur

Thumbnail photo via David Kohl/USA TODAY Sports Images