Steve Smith Isn’t Buying Greg Hardy’s Weird Domestic Violence Denial


Greg Hardy is back in the news, and this time he’s saying he never put his hands on Nicole Holder, who accused him of domestic violence in 2014.

And if you find Hardy’s version of the alleged incident hard to believe, Steve Smith Sr., one of his former teammates, agrees with you.

Hardy, a pass rusher who’s now a free agent, appeared in an interview with ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Monday, during which he said, “I’ve never put my hand on any women … in my whole entire life, no sir.”

Smith Sr., who played with Hardy from 2010 to 2013 with the Carolina Panthers, sent out a tweet shorty after Hardy’s claims went public that understandably showed a bit of skepticism.

“So I guess she Tripped on the carpet or something… my mom is a Survivor #DV and I am advocate against #DV.”

As you can see in the tweet, this is an issue that has directly impacted the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver, and he isn’t afraid to call out someone like Hardy on domestic violence.

Thumbnail photo via Evan Habeeb/USA TODAY Sports Images

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