BMW Blasts ABC News For ‘Sensationalist’ Report About Cars Catching Fire


BMW is firng back at ABC News.

After an ABC News special report stated that more than 40 BMWs have caught fire in the past five years while being turned off and parked, the car manufacturer responded with a statement that called the report “sensationalist,” according to Automotive News.

The ABC News report states that cars burst into flames within minutes of being parked or even several days after being turned off. But BMW says it has investigated and inspected some of the vehicles that caught fire and has not seen any correlation “related to quality or component failure.”

BMW also noted the cars ranged in age from one to 15 years and had mileage as high as 232,250, according to Automotive News. The company also stated that there are a number of reasons a car could catch fire, including improper repair, unauthorized aftermarket modifications, flooding damage, rodent damage, improper preventative maintenance and arson.

Either way, you might want to hold off on purchasing a BMW until this mess is sorted out.

Thumbnail photo via BMW

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