Tiger Woods DUI Arrest Video Offers Detailed Look At Failed Field Sobriety Test


The police dashboard cam from Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest has been released, and it paints a clearer picture of what happened early Monday morning in Jupiter, Fla.

Jupiter Police released just over 98 minutes of video from Woods’ arrest, and it all led to the moment when the star golfer was put in handcuffs.

In a video posted to Twitter by The Palm Beach Post’s Hannah Winston, you clearly can see Woods reciting the alphabet, albeit very slowly, before he’s officially arrested.

Once he’s put in handcuffs, Woods can be heard referencing the screws in his body from previous surgeries.

There were some other key moments from the videos prior to the moment he was arrested.

While you can’t see Woods in the video you’re about to see, you can hear him talking about coming from Los Angeles and heading to Orange County, although he was across the country in Florida. The police officer asked if he had been drinking, which Woods denied. The officer, however, said there was an odor, although the police record said Woods blew zeros on the breathalyzer. Woods also admitted to taking medications around this point.

Woods then came into view and underwent a field sobriety test. Two of the key moments from the test were when he was asked to follow a light and attempt to walk in a straight line.

He tried to follow the light, but the officer can be heard telling Woods he wasn’t following instructions. Woods also failed to follow instructions when he was asked to walk in a straight line. He struggled to put his two feet in the starting position the officer asked for, and the officer then can be heard reciting everything Woods does incorrectly. He tried it a second time, but he was unable to walk in a straight line then, too.

Woods’ Mercedes-Benz also sustained some noticeable damage, which you can see in the photos released by Jupiter Police below.

Tiger Woods Car

Tiger Woods Car (2)

Tiger Woods Car (3)

Thumbnail screen grab via Daily Mail 

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