Spend Time With NESN Personalities And Stay ‘Home With NESN’

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While you’re stuck at home, so are your favorite NESN hosts and analysts.

We’re all in this together, and our NESN on-air personalities are missing you as much as you miss them! Join them throughout the extended sports pause caused by COVID-19 and spend some time at “Home With NESN”!

Check out each new episode below as they premiere.

What Item Have You Stocked Up On?

How Andy Brickley, Guerin Austin, Others Are Passing Time

What Is Your Favorite Room?

What Is Your Favorite Snack?

Epic Refrigerator Tours

Meet Their Pets!

Which Classic Game Do You Want to Rewatch?

Favorite Quarantine Meals Revealed

Exercising At Home

To-Do Lists Around the House

Have You Watched Your Own Highlights? 

Jack Edwards Reveals His Favorite On-Air Call

NESN ‘Cribs’ Edition

Steve Lyons Gives Inside Look At California Home

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