NESN National FAQs

Q: Why are Red Sox and Bruins games not televised on NESN National?

A: Due to league blackout restrictions, NESN National is prohibited from airing Red Sox and Bruins games outside of the NESN home television territory (HTT). NESN’s HTT includes Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County), Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Q: I live outside of NESN’s HTT. How can I watch live Red Sox and/or Bruins games?

A: Out-of-market fans seeking live games can contact their television service provider and purchase MLB Extra Innings or, if your video provider does not offer MLB Extra Innings, subscribe online to MLB.TV to catch live Red Sox games. Bruins fans also should contact their video service provider and subscribe to the NHL Center Ice package to watch their favorite team.

Q: What will be on when a live game or encore presentation is airing?

A: NESN National cable subscribers are never left in the dark. We provide substitute programming in place of live games.

Q: What channel is NESN National on in my area?

A: NESN National channel listings are located on our About NESN National page.

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