Fans Show Mixed Reactions to Linking of Ortiz to PED List


Jul 31, 2009

Fans Show Mixed Reactions to Linking of Ortiz to PED List On a day where deadline discussions and trade rumors should be headlining the world of Major League Baseball, David Ortiz stole the spotlight Thursday by being linked to "The List" of performance-enhancing drug users from 2003.

Leaked by lawyers to New York Times reporter Michael S. Schmidt, Ortiz and former Red Sox teammate Manny Ramirez reportedly tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. Just months after Ramirez was handed a 50-game suspension for violating the league's drug policy this season and Alex Rodriguez's name was leaked from the list, Ortiz joins the game's biggest sluggers as the newest member of the Steroid Era.

With the news rocking Red Sox Nation, readers shared their opinions. Apparently, not everyone is shocked by Ortiz being linked to steroids, but many still support him. However, the general consensus remains that steroids are certainly not good for baseball.

Since A-Rod's name came out, myself and a bunch of other Red Sox fans kept saying that we thought Big Papi could be on it… So I'm not that surprised.

I totally support David and thoroughly believe that he does not know what this is all about!

Call him BIG FRAUD instead of BIG PAPI.
Marc Benedetti

I said it when A-Rod was named and I'll say it again … It's 2009. What happened in 2003 is ancient history. It's a shame that the Times feels it's even newsworthy, but I guess it sells newspapers. I don't live in 2003, and neither should MLB. Move on people.

A lot of the media personnel around here are ready to condemn Papi without finding out what exactly/or if he tested positive. If he tested positive, weren't they supposed to be notified? Papi says this is the first he heard about it.

Ortiz, please do yourself a favor and take the high road. Do not come out and insult the Nation by saying you did not know what you were taking.

There were NO RULES about steroids in 2003. This is a non-issue. Why would anyone think that dragging up this nonsense from an era when there were NO RULES about steroid use is a benefit to the game or the players?

I think the whole thing reeks with the smell of injustice. The list was supposed to be destroyed? So why not destroy it? It was 2003 — put it behind us.

The issue is who leaked the information. The really odd thing is that the list of names means nothing because like so many have pointed out, steroid use in 2003 was not against the rules and not punishable.

Why does RS Nation (and I belong) think that this team is immune from the steroid scandal? If other teams have to face the music, so should this team.

Just want to show support for David Ortiz. He is one of the kindest, most sincere players in baseball today. I am proud to say I'm a fan. God Bless you and your family, David.
Maureen Drogo

Well, we're still going to give Ramirez a hard time about it, but since Ortiz is still on the Red Sox, we're going to make up excuses and and forgive him anyways.
Jacques Delcottiseau

Maybe we just pay ballplayers way too much and expect far too much. Hey, if someone dangled a couple mill in my face, I might get juiced up to perform, too.
Jay Hamlet

I hate that steroids got into sports at all. I just don't want to pay to see juicers.
Dunc McH

Why doesn't MLB just release the names already? Just to get it over and done with. If it stays like this, every year or so, a couple more names will be leaked, and on and on and on. Release the names already and move on…

I couldn't agree more. The Powers That Be need to release the list and find out who leaked it. Then nail THEM, not the people on the list who might or might not have done steroids during a time when it was NOT against the rules.

Are we really going to defend Ortiz simply b/c he's one of our own? I love Papi, but how many players have been linked to "performance-enhancing drugs" and later vindicated?

It's time for Selig and Fehr to step up and demand that the confidentiality agreements be honored, and that those who broke that seal be punished. Then either release all the names or destroy the list.

But everyone in the 'Nation' knows how tight Manny and David were and I'm afraid to say that Papi was the first name that popped into my head when I heard that Manny had been using. I pray I'm wrong, but it breaks my heart to hear: "I don't have no answers for you guys at the moment."

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