Rambis Crosses Paths With McHale Once Again

by abournenesn

Aug 11, 2009

Rambis Crosses Paths With McHale Once Again Kevin McHale clotheslined Kurt Rambis in the 1984 NBA Finals. Twenty-five years later, it’s Rambis’ turn for some payback.

The former Laker is replacing the former Celtic as the Minnesota Timberwolves’ coach. McHale went 20-43 in the Twin Cities last season after moving from the front office to the sidelines. The .317 winning percentage wasn’t much of an improvement from the 4-15 record Randy Wittman produced. Then again, McHale didn’t provide Wittman with a whole lot of usable parts.

McHale’s entire tenure in Minnesota was about as fun as a torn ACL. He never settled into a groove in a suit. His legendary moves on the court didn’t translate to good ones off it, and he left the Timberwolves’ cupboard bare.

Call it the KG curse. While some joke that McHale did more to help the Celtics end their 22-year championship drought than anyone wearing green and white, dealing Kevin Garnett to Boston didn’t net Minnesota much besides Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes.

Rambis has his work cut out to turn around the struggling Timberwolves, but if he can do something McHale failed to accomplish, the man who was on the receiving end of arguably one of the most famous cheap shots in basketball history could have the last laugh.

Rambis knows a little bit about winning and motivation from his years in the Lakers organization. He won four rings as a player under Pat Riley and two as an assistant coach under Phil Jackson. Now Rambis gets an opportunity to direct the show all by himself.

Somewhere, Tommy Heinsohn is going berserk, and Red Auerbach is choking on his cigar.

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