Sometimes, Sports Really Are Just Fun and Games I’ve been asked to write a blog for the New England Sports
Network. This is my first blog.

As some of you know, this summer, I began Tweeting after Jack
convinced me that it could be entertaining and fun — for me, not for my

But I quickly found out that having a sense of humor on
Twitter produces quite an effect.
Perhaps people don’t generally expect a baseball owner to have a sense
of humor.It’s almost certainly of
paramount importance to have a sense of humor, though, over the course of the
seasons.Tom Werner and I manage to laugh
about certain things on a daily basis.When you lose 60 games a year, you need comedy.And Tom’s had a magnificent career in

Now I realize that if I, for instance, joke around about a
curse … oooeuff!Some people seem to take everything seriously
in sports — everything.I don’t know how
anyone can take curses seriously!

I kidded about Yankees Universe and the fact that Red Sox
Nation has ceded many of the planets in our own solar system to the Yanks … oh
boy.Some took great offense.“SOX OWNER BASHES YANKS!”

So let’s be clear.  This blog will often be written with a sense of humor.  And it will be controversial for at least a couple of reasons.  Number one — I’m writing it.  Number two — I have had a lifelong tendency to be blunt.

I’ll try to write about meaningful subjects and provide meaningful information when I can about what I can. Most of it will simply be my opinions because I don’t have all of the answers regarding the Boston Red Sox, Roush Fenway Racing, Fenway Sports Group, NESN,, JWH or Fenway Park — they’re too large and dynamic — each in their own right.  But I’ll try here at to give you a view on these entities from my perspective.

I stopped Tweeting a couple of months ago and stopped
updating Facebook at the same time for reasons I’ll go into in my next entry.Go Soxfans!