Yankees Catcher Francisco 'Gazoo' Cervelli Happy to Rock Novelty Martian Helmet It’s one of many age-old debates: look cool or be safe.

Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli is going on the safe side, and he’s earned himself the nickname “Gazoo” — the alien from Flintstones —  for doing so.

Cervelli is the only major leaguer rocking the S100 helmet — which is being touted as a breakthrough in head injury prevention — and also a breakthrough in fashion nightmares.

But in a statement that would make any mother proud, the youngster claims, “It’s ugly, [but] it’s not about how it looks — I’ve got to take care of myself.”

While minor leaguers are required to wear the helmet this year, Mets fans caught a glimpse of ‘Dark Helmet’ in 2009 when third baseman David Wright returned to the lineup after suffering a concussion from a Matt Cain beanball in August. Wright’s cranium dome lasted just one day.

“When you’ve got somebody throwing 95 and hits you in the helmet, it’s going to ring your bell,” said Jason Kendall, who has been beaned 251 times in his MLB career. “But you’ve got to be comfortable. You don’t want a 10-pound helmet on your head.”

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Yankees Catcher Francisco 'Gazoo' Cervelli Happy to Rock Novelty Martian Helmet

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“The good news is the X-rays were negative. I think we all felt like we maybe dodged the bullet.”
–Terry Francona, referring to the injured Victor Martinez, one of the team’s hottest hitters

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Just a cruel reminder to all our sad Bruins fans from one bitter NESN.com reader.

“BTW…Flyers are NOW ^playing for the cup…this could have been the bruins right now…grrr…stings even more today than last week…”

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Big Baby Glen Davis was licking his chops in Game 4, but came up empty (stomach).

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