Danny Ainge Suggests That Celtics Will Not Make Any Trades Before February Deadline


Jan 27, 2011

Danny Ainge Suggests That Celtics Will Not Make Any Trades Before February Deadline If you like the look and feel of the Celtics' current roster, then have no fear. It's likely staying that way throughout the 2011 season.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said on WEEI's The Big Show that he "likes the mix" of the 2010-11 team, and he also hinted that there are no trades on the horizon for Boston.

"Of course there are players out there that are good players, but I like our team," Ainge said. "It's very difficult to make any trades because the contracts that could make some significant noise are the contracts of our big four.

"And then the guys on our bench like Perk [Kendrick Perkins] or [Glen Davis], we certainly don't want to move any of those guys to make any of those trades. So I like our team and I think this is probably the team that we'll be with by the time the season ends."

Though the Celtics have all the pieces of a championship team, getting healthy has been the real issue this season. The C's only just got Perkins back in the mix and are still struggling with the ailments of both Shaquille and Jermaine O'Neal.

With Perkins back on the floor, however, Ainge said both he and Shaq will likely split the starting duties at center, though both will play significant minutes in the second half of the season.

"I'm not sure that it matters. They'll both play," Ainge said of the starting role. "I don't think either one cares. I think it really is simply who plays best with whom."

The Celtics, however, are still anticipating the return of backup point guard Delonte West. After suffering a wrist injury back in November, West is inching closer to coming back to lead the C's second unit.

"We're looking forward to Delonte coming back, but he probably won't be back until the end of February," Ainge said. "He's a perfect fit and complement to the guys that we have on our bench and maybe the guy that's the most versatile. … We really miss having Delonte out there."

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