Vote: What Should Adrian Gonzalez’s New Nickname Be?

by abournenesn

Jan 28, 2011

Vote: What Should Adrian Gonzalez's New Nickname Be? The Red Sox are expecting big things from Adrian Gonzalez, and the 28-year-old is not coming to Boston to disappoint.

Like any great slugger, Gonzalez needs a nickname that can be easily referenced any time he produces a highlight.

After the Red Sox acquired their new first baseman, we asked Red Sox fans to help come up with a new nickname for Gonzalez as a sign of welcome and respect. He needed a moniker that would serve him well in Boston, a nickname that could stand up to all the legends that have called Fenway Park home. Over time, Gonzalez might acquire other nicknames, but this would be his first as a Red Sox.

Fans voted in a poll and left a long scroll of creative suggestions.

We narrowed the list down to four: Gonzilla, El Niño, Gonner and El Padre. We put those four in another poll and let people vote for two weeks.

Now, the moment of truth has arrived. It’s time to take the top two vote-getters and determine what Adrian Gonzalez’s new nickname will be with the Red Sox.

El Niño received 10.3 percent of the vote. Gonner received 20.4 percent. El Padre received 34.3 percent, and Gonzilla received 35 percent. 

El Padre or Gonzilla?

The choice is yours.

What should Adrian Gonzalez's new nickname be?Market Research

Voting will conclude Jan. 31, and the winner will be announced.

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