Gets New Lockout Makeover, Bumps Up WNBA Coverage


Jul 1, 2011

It's safe to say that the NBA saw this lockout coming.

You can tell that by the new look of, which features no current players and has given prominence to several WNBA stories. On Thursday night, in fact, there were two stories atop the page: one was the official release on the lockout, the other a story about the intensity of the WNBA MVP race. Scintillating stuff.

There are no mentions of any teams on, either. Also, if you go to a team website to view the roster, clicking a player's name will bring you straight back to's homepage. If you get to a player's page through the navigation, you'll notice there won't be any player photos when you get there. Perhaps hurting their vanity is the league's first shot at the players. They might not notice, though, until the league takes a shot at their wallets.

(If you're wondering, remains the same from pre-lockout days.

What it tells you is that the league has expected the lockout for some time, as complete redesigns of websites don't take place in an afternoon. The only question now is whether the site will look the same come January (and, of course, who will win the WNBA MVP?!).

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Whose side are you on for this NBA lockout? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Gets New Lockout Makeover, Bumps Up WNBA Coverage

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"I asked him to let loose. Please don't waste my time. Step on the gas."
–Chad Ochocinco, on his request to NASCAR driver Jeff Burton, who took the NFL star for a ride

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 Fair point by you, NotCoachTito. Gets New Lockout Makeover, Bumps Up WNBA Coverage

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Maybe the NBA should just go to replacement players. This kid's ready to play.

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