Wes Welker's Playoff Mustache Inspires Twitter Followers to Join the Madness for Playoffs (Photos)

The New England Partiots have yet to step on to the field and Wes Welker is starting to make some noise with his brand-new playoff mustache. Welker started off by shaving his entire face and starting from scratch, and now everyone is ready for the mustache to be unleashed from its cage.

Fans of the new mustache are badgering his Twitter feed with numerous photos seeking Welker’s approval. Others just want him to take a look at the photos. Some of these fans can’t even grow mustaches, and Welker wants them to wait to send a better photo when the time comes.

Playoff facial hair is a unique facet of sports and Welker delivers a great approach by growing his unique version that Gillette happily named “The Welker 83”.

It may not look like much, but it is all the rage with Welker and Patriots fans alike. So, where is your playoff mustache?

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