Luke Scott Continues to Endear Himself to Red Sox Fans, Calls Fenway Park ‘A Dump’


Apr 13, 2012

Luke Scott Continues to Endear Himself to Red Sox Fans, Calls Fenway Park 'A Dump'There has been a lot made about what kind of reception the 1-5 Red Sox will get from the home crowd at Friday's home opener against the Rays.

There's no question, though, about what type of reception Rays designated hitter Luke Scott will get. He'll get boos — loud ones.

Scott has never been afraid to speak his mind, and he's back at it again, this time criticizing Fenway Park, which will see its 100th anniversary bash begin Friday.

"As a baseball player, going there to work, it's a dump," Scott said Thursday, according to "I  mean, it's old. It does have a great feel and nostalgia, but at the end of the day, I'd rather be at a good facility where I can get my work in. A place where I can go hit in the cage. Where I have space and it's a little more comfortable to come to work.

"You're packed in like sardines there. It's hard to get your work in. … You have to go to their weight room if you want to lift. From a fan's perspective, it's probably pretty cool to go see a game at a historic park. But from a player's point of view, it's not a place where you want to go to work."

The same type of words from anyone else wouldn't be a huge news, but Scott has gained a reputation for running his mouth. He's got a reputation with Red Sox fans for doing the same, too.

Scott made news in Boston a couple of months ago when he ripped Red Sox fans for their "arrogance" and vulgarity.

"Just [the fans'] arrogance," Scott told at the time. "The fans come in and they over the city. They're ruthless. They're vulgar. They cause trouble. They talk about your family. Swear at you. Who likes that? When people do that, it just gives you incentive to beat them. Then when things like [the last game of the 2011 season] happen, you celebrate even more. You go to St. Louis — classiest fans in the game. You do well, there's no vulgarity. You know what? You don't wish them bad?"

At the risk of perpetuating that stereotype, it's pretty safe to assume there will be plenty of Red Sox fans wishing the Rays DH ill will on Friday afternoon. What else would you expect from 35,000 people packed in like sardines?

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