John Henry Responds to Yahoo! Sports Story, Also Calls Season ‘Unacceptable’


Aug 15, 2012

John Henry Responds to Yahoo! Sports Story, Also Calls Season 'Unacceptable'Red Sox principal owner John Henry responded Wednesday to a Yahoo! Sports story that ran Tuesday reporting that Red Sox players had tried to get manager Bobby Valentine fired.

The Yahoo! report detailed a supposed meeting between ownership and players in July in New York in which players “blasted” Valentine to ownership.

Here is the email response Henry sent to the media in its entirety.

First of all for more than a decade we have had a code among players, staff and ownership that our meetings are private and do not leave the room. There is one reason for that. It enables all of us to openly discuss important issues. For more than a decade not one person in any of those meetings has gone to the media with private information. Over the decade we have made great strides as a result of these meetings in a number of ways including improvement in training facilities, protocols, safety, resources, travel issues, clubhouse issues and trust within a cooperative framework. But more than anything else these meetings have been about the same thing the meeting in New York was about — what it takes to win — what can we all do to improve our ability to win?

About this time eight years ago we had one such meeting. It closely resembled the meeting in New York. Both were meetings I asked for. And both quickly went to the point — what do we need to do to turn things around. We held three meetings in New York — separating groups so as to have frank discussions about what was wrong.

What Tom, Larry and I heard in the player meeting was one overriding sentiment. Players felt responsible for the record. They weren’t blaming injuries or anyone but themselves. At the same time they openly spoke about what could improve in addition to their play. They made substantive points. We addressed those points. No one in that meeting at any time took the position that Bobby should be or needed to be replaced.

I understand that when the team isn’t playing up to our standards that issues are going to be sensationalized. But what is important for Red Sox fans to know is that ownership, players and all staff especially Bobby Valentine are determined to turn around what has thus far been an unacceptable, failed season. We are all on the same page in that regard and will not waver.

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