Suns Hiring New Gorilla Mascot Offers Opportunity to Recognize Best NBA Mascots (Videos)


Sep 5, 2012

Suns Hiring New Gorilla Mascot Offers Opportunity to Recognize Best NBA Mascots (Videos)If you enjoy leaping through flaming hoops, toppling through the air toward a piece of circular orange metal and jumping off lots of trampolines, you could be the next Phoenix Suns mascot.

The Suns are looking for a new person to fill the iconic gorilla suit of their mascot, Go, according to an official job posting. The position includes all the expected acrobatic requirements, as well as a bunch of boring-sounding work like "synergize with individuals throughout the Phoenix Suns organization to develop new ideas and projects, utilizing the Go program alongside those other departments"

We knew real police work involved a lot more paperwork than it does on TV, but we did not know mascots also have to remember to put cover sheets on their TPS reports. What a drag.

Once the boring stuff is out of the way, though, the hazardous activity can begin. And few humans would put themselves in harm's way as eagerly as those daring individuals in fuzzy suits. Good luck to whoever gets hired as the new Go, because he or she will have big mitts to fill.

Update 6:42 p.m.: It appears the job listing has been taken down,
either due to the media attention the listing got or because the
position has been filled. We look forward to watching a new Go get funky
during halftime this season.

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Thumbnail via Facebook/Phoenix Suns Gorilla

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