Vote: Are You on Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen’s Side?


Oct 31, 2012

Vote: Are You on Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen's Side?We're only one game into the season and the Celtics-Heat rivalry is already at boiling point.

Last night, Ray Allen tried to give Kevin Garnett a friendly gesture by tapping him on the shoulder, and the Celtics' center would have none of it, ignoring and glaring at him.

Garnett tried to explain his actions after the game saying that he's an intense person, but he also made sure to mention that Allen was wearing a different team's jersey this season. Allen seemed to know that Garnett would react the way he did explaining, "That's just KG."

Depending how you look at it, Garnett either painted himself in a bad light by ignoring Allen, or made Allen look like a weak competitor trying to fraternize with the opposition. The Celtics' players have made it clear this offseason that they are no longer fans of their former friend. Rajon Rondo only refers to Allen as No. 20, while Garnett and Paul Pierce have been outspoken that they have not talked to Allen since he signed with Boston's rivals.

So who's side are you on? Was Garnett out of bounds by giving Allen the cold shoulder? Or did Allen deserve to be ignored by his former friend and teammate? Are you Team Garnett, Team Allen or do you just wish that everyone would get along?

Are you on Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen's side?

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