Carlton Fisk’s Home Burglarized, With Thieves Reportedly Taking Collectible Coins, Not MLB Artifacts

by abournenesn

Dec 22, 2012

Carlton FiskJust raise your hand when you get to the part of this story that you find the most strange.

Former catcher Carlton Fisk, whose long MLB career is best remembered for his World Series heroics with the Red Sox, had his home in Florida burglarized the other day, according to police via the Herald-Tribune. (Not strange, right?)

His home is in Manatee County, Fla. (cute, but not strange), and the burglary was discovered by a pest control service. (OK, getting closer.)

While the burglars apparently had a run of the entire place, which contains baseball memorabilia and other household items that would be of value, the thieves only took off with a bunch of collectible silver coins. (Oh, boy — this might be it. Get ready to vote.)

Michael McClain, who runs Pest Control by Mike Inc. (ha ha, but not a candidate for the strangeness award), said he found the back door of the house had been taken off its hinges. He suspected that squatters may have been to blame.

“There was nobody there at the time, but it looked like they had been helping themselves to the home and facilities,” he said.

McClain told the Herald-Tribune that he had been doing pest control at the house for five years and knew Fisk — but he did not know Fisk was a Hall of Fame catcher. (Huh.)

Furthermore, the local Sheriff’s Office says the house was likely not “a ‘random’ target,” as the theft of the coins but nothing else of value appears to have been intentional.

So, are we dealing with masterminds who somehow knew to target Fisk’s home and take off with these collectible coins? (Collectible coins. Not vintage money, here, right? Collectible coins. Like the kind the newspaper tries to get you to buy.)

Or are we dealing with some Floridian nomads who happened to break into Fisk’s house but didn’t know enough about baseball or life in general to take anything but the shiny stuff?

And how the heck do people in Florida not know who Pudge Fisk is?

Get your votes in, because this is a weird one.

Fisk’s home is worth $861,798, according to the Herald-Tribune. The 8,000-square-foot house has three bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms, a swimming pool and apparently stashes of baseball memorabilia that will never be stolen because burglars and pest control workers in Florida don’t know any better than to think that baseball is whatever the Miami Marlins try to do every few years or so.

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