Bobby Valentine Gets His Own Sports Radio Show, Admits He Has ‘Opinion About Pretty Much Everything’


Jan 7, 2013

Bobby Valentine showed in 2012 that professional baseball may have passed him by in the decade he went between managerial jobs, but as Red Sox skipper, Valentine left no doubt that he still loves to hear himself speak.

Valentine’s daily press briefings and postgame news conferences were must-see theater, especially as the gut-wrenching Sox losses piled up one after another. Valentine served to make it worse on multiple occasions, speaking before thinking and making himself the real show throughout the season.

Now, after being dismissed after one season, Valentine has found himself a job where all of those things will be encouraged, not criticized — sports talk radio host. reports that the loud-mouth ex-skipper is getting his own sports talk radio show on the NBC Sports Radio network. ┬áThe fact that such a radio network exists may come as a surprise to some, but trust us, it’s real.

And starting April (just in time for Opening Day), Valentine will find himself hosting his own radio show alongside a co-host that is still yet to be determined.

“I think in my years here on earth, I have let people know I have an opinion about pretty much everything,” Valentine told “I think I will remain true to that.”

Considering Valentine rarely withheld his opinion as Boston manager, that prediction probably goes without saying. It will be interesting, however, to hear what opinions Valentine offers up on a daily basis, especially considering he’s not ruling out a return to baseball in capacity at some point.

“Anyone would be a fool not to be open to that,” Valentine told the website.

Valentine is no stranger to the radio business, either. He infamously made a weekly radio appearance on New York sports radio station, and his weekly WEEI appearances during the Red Sox season were must-listen radio segments, with Valentine even once threatening to punch WEEI’s Glenn Ordway in the mouth during an interview.

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