When Rob Gronkowski did his best Jake “The Snake” Roberts impression during Super Bowl week when he “DDT’d” one of his buddies, by the reaction from New England fans, you would have have thought the Patriots’ tight end actually poisoned someone with DDT.

Since the controversial video of Gronk landing on his broken arm surfaced, he’s let his teammates do the talking for him. It turns out Gronkowski did apologize, but in the bro-iest way possible — he did it in tank top form.

The New England All-Pro wore a “Sorry For Partying” tank to Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla. He posed with fans (and stuffed alligators) and looked to stay away from wrestling moves popularized in the 1980s (unless of course he gave one of the girls below a power bomb after the pictures were taken).

Check out Gronk “apologizing” in the photos below.


Photo via Instagram/meli_garcia


Photo via Twitter/@TarahMaciel