Matt Garza Tells Johnny Cueto to ‘Grow the Hell Up’ After Reds Pitcher Throws at David DeJesus (Video)

by abournenesn

May 27, 2013

They may be two of the premier pitchers in the NL Central, but it’s not likely that Matt Garza and Johnny Cueto will soon be sitting down for a beer together.

During the Reds-Cubs matchup on Sunday, Garza hit Reds third baseman Todd Frazier with a pitch early in the game. A couple innings later, Cueto retaliated by throwing a pitch over the head of the Cubs’ David DeJesus. Both benches were warned as a result, but the bad feelings did not end there.

After the game, Garza went off on Cueto while talking to reporters.

“Hopefully he learns to grow the hell up,” Garza said. “Cueto should learn you don’t go after guys’ heads. Don’t wake a sleeping dog and I think that’s kind of immature on his part and totally uncalled for. He’s lucky that retaliation isn’t in our vocabulary here.”

Garza’s comments went on for much longer, and he continued to let his displeasure with Cueto be known. Check out Garza’s full comments in the video below.

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