‘The Sandlot’ Drugstore, Vincent Drug, Still Stands Today in Midvale, Utah (Photos)


Aug 7, 2013

VincentThe drugstore where Benny, Ham Porter and Smalls bought baseballs and dashed past while fleeing from the Beast was not a set on some Hollywood lot. It was an actual store in downtown Midvale, Utah, and still stands to this day, although it is no longer in operation.

In fact, many of the sets for The Sandlot were located in that area, not in Southern California, where the move is supposed to take place. Benny’s and Smalls’ houses reside in East Salt Lake City, while the sandlot — now even more dilapidated — is a long bike ride away in the Glendale section.

As for the public pool where Squints sneaks a kiss with Wendy Peffercorn? The gang would have gotten a serious workout biking or walking there. The actual pool is in Ogden, Utah, more than 40 miles north of Benny and Smalls’ houses.

If it has been a while since you watched this classic movie, the Red Sox will screen the movie Aug. 21 when they hosts their first ever movie night at Fenway Park.

Vincent Drug was once part of a bustling drag, retaining some pieces of its stock in retro packaging until it was shut down in 2003. One side of its sign still glistens like brand new, though, as NESN’s Ben Watanabe found out firsthand.

Check out “The Sandlot” drugstore as it stands today>>

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