Tom Brady Looks A Lot Like Dexter in ‘Sunday Night Football’ Promo With Peyton Manning (Photo)

by abournenesn

Nov 18, 2013

That churlish look Tom Brady gave the NBC camera when shooting his promos for the network may have seemed fine on its own. Placed next to Peyton Manning’s heroic mug and some heavenly light filtering in for the preview of “Manning Brady XIV,” though, the Patriots quarterback looks downright evil — Dexter evil.

Brady’s photo for NBC, which was grafted next to Manning’s for the promos for next week’s matchup, had more than a few people laughing this Sunday night when it aired for the first time during the Broncos-Chiefs game on Sunday Night Football. First of all, there’s a good chance NBC is using an old photo, as players don’t update their shots every year, and Brady has one of his former hairstyles in this take. (Who can forget the very youthful Brady’s buzzed head and wide grin on CBS all those years?)

On top of being outdated, though, Brady looks downright sinister in the shot, especially next to an angelic Manning. He looks so sinister, in fact, that he quickly drew comparisons to the fictitious serial killer from the TV show Dexter.

Maybe Brady was making good after missing a chance to scare on Halloween.

Check out the promo and the Brady-Dexter comparisons below.

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