Robert Griffin III, Mike ShanahanTo the outside world it looks like Robert Griffin III and Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan are acting like adults after the latter benched the former, but on the inside, it seems the two are acting more like middle schoolers and giving each other the cold shoulder.

A current Redskins player told NFL insider Ian Rapoport that when the Redskins quarterback and his coach pass each other in the hallway at the team facility, “they don’t talk, don’t say hello,” according to CBS Sports. It’s possible the relationship became strained when Shanahan decided last week to bench Griffin and make him inactive for the rest of the season.

Shanahan’s reason was to “protect” the second-year quarterback from further injury, since the Skins are already out of the playoff picture. Apparently the decision didn’t go over well with RGIII, and now the two don’t even exchange hellos when they see one another.

It’s not the end of the world if they don’t get along, they certainly don’t have to be best friends. But it’s interesting to note, especially with rumors swirling that it’s not just RGIII who’s displeased with Shanahan. The team reportedly wants to “part ways” with the head coach before his contract is up.