Bill Belichick’s ‘Do Your Job’ Mantra Goes Way Back, As This 2000 Interview Shows

by abournenesn

Jan 26, 2017

Bill Belichick has coached 305 games with the New England Patriots, including the playoffs, and won 225 of them. He’s also about to lead the franchise to its seventh Super Bowl under his direction.

Even before all that greatness happened, though, Belichick preached the importance of his “Do Your Job” mantra, instilling discipline and finding players who fit his system, not the other way around.

We dug into the NESN archives and found a June 2000 interview with Belichick, just before his first Patriots camp, and we believe you’ll find some of these quotes quite familiar. It’s almost as if 2000 Bill Belichick is channeling 2017 Bill Belichick.

“The main point to me is that they have to be coordinated,” Belichick said 17 years ago of his players, “and the 10 people have to support what that 11th guy is doing, and vice versa. … The only way that can happen is for there to be discipline, for everyone to be disciplined enough to do their job, knowing the guy beside him is doing his, too, so that you can count on him and he can count on you, and go right down the line.”

Belichick certainly has done it his way, and you’ll find that evident by watching what else the coach had to say in the video player above.

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