While Fernando Alonso is in the United States to compete in the Indianapolis 500, Jenson Button is keeping the Spaniard’s seat warm in his McLaren-Honda Formula One car. Apparently a little too warm.

When Button took to the track for his formation lap Sunday ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, he received some well wishes over the radio from Alonso in the U.S. Alonso naturally asked him to keep his MCL32 safe around the tight street circuit, but he probably wasn’t expecting Button to give the response he did.

Although Button was making a joke, what many people might not realize is that it’s fairly common for racing drivers to go to the bathroom in their cars during races. However, it’s not as common as it once was in F1, as the races are shorter than they used to be.

Ironically enough, since he’s tackling a 500 mile race, it likely will be Alonso who will need to relieve himself while he drives Sunday.

Thumbnail photo via Honda