Here’s What British People Voted As Most Boring Sport On Planet Earth

If you’re thinking about calling up your best British friend and spending the afternoon watching the Presidents Cup, you might want to come up with a new plan.

Online casino recently polled 2,00o Brits on what they think is the most boring sport in the world. Some usual suspects made the list: curling, baseball and tennis. The champion, though, is the grand old sport of golf.

Here are the complete results of the poll, via

1. Golf
2. Cricket
3. Bridge
4. Chess
5. Snooker
6. Dressage
7. Fishing
8. Darts
9. Bowls
10. Football
11. Draughts
12. Formula One
13. Show jumping
14. Ultimate Frisbee
15. Horse racing
16. American football
17. Rugby
18. Curling
19. Tennis
20. Boxing
21. Fencing
22. Baseball
23. Netball
24. Ten-pin bowling
25. Water polo
26. Archery
27. Superbike racing
28. Gymnastics
29. Hurling
30. Diving

First of all, what is snooker?

No, it’s not the character from “Jersey Shore.” Rather, it’s a billiards spin-off that originated in Etawah, India in the late 1800s. And what about draughts? Well, it’s the British version of checkers, obviously. And bridge, apparently, isn’t some competition played by water-spanning, man-made structures, but actually is a card game. Who knew?

Now, it’s really not surprising that golf is considered the most boring sport in the world, as, whether you agree or not, the sport can’t seem to shake the notion that it’s tedious and unwatchable.

And as for American football, the NFL can’t be happy that people from Great Britain think pigskin is more boring than hurling, curling and “netball.”

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